1. Invite the bot to a new Slack channel

2. Invite people you would like to play with, to the same channel

3. Write “Play Liar’s” in the channel (this opens a new game)

4. Now other players can write “me” to join the game

5. When you are satisfied with the amount of players (recommended 3-5, minimum 2) then you write “start game” in the channel to start the game

6. Now the bot should write you in private, giving every player some dice, and the game begins.

7. The first player gets a message about it being their turn, and they now have to guess how many of a certain dice there is in the game total, you do it like this: “3,6”

If you write “3,6” it means you think there are at least 3 6’s in the game, now the next player can either write “liar” if he doesn’t believe you, or write “4,2”, “5,4” etc.

See special rules about the value of “1”.

If a player writes “liar”, the round ends, and all the winners lose a dice, the loser automatically starts next round again, and the goal of the game is to NOT have any dice once the game is over.

Rules are simple, there is only one loser, and a lot of winners in Liar’s Dice!

Bot Commands

  • In Channel
    • Play liar
    • Close game
    • Me
    • Leave
    • Start game
  • In private message with the bot
    • [ Amount of Dice ] , [ Dice Face ] (Eg. 4,4)
    • Liar
    • Abort game
    • Say < Message >

Special rules

The 1

The dice face 1 counts as a joker, which means if your hand looks like this: 1,1,2 then theoretically you have 3 2’s, or 2 6’s and a 2.

Just remember, if you have a 1, then it counts as anything, also for your opponents.

Betting on 1’s

You can also bet on 1’s, like saying I believe there are 2,1’s in the game.

However, since 1’s are jokers, this means that they only count for themselves, which is why 1’s count higher than 6’s, so if I say 1,1, then you can’t say 1,6 afterwords, you would have to say 2,6.

The staircase rule.. (disabled by default)

To be explained later..